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1Quest is a roguelike, where you control a young adventurer who pursues an evil blood cult, after they abducts several children, including the princess of the kingdom!You got 7 days before he can start his evil ritual to summon an…


The world of dreams awaits you! With pigs, dragons and jam-eating bears, all of your wildest fantasies can come to life! Dreamfields is the ultimate social farming game. Located in a world of dreams where each and every dream is…

Royal Story

Welcome to land of Kings and Queens! Take control of your tiny kingdom and grow it into a marvelous empire! In this game, you can write your own story and record your name in history. Are you ready to become…

Knights and Brides

Wake up and become the main character of your own fairy tale! Either as a mighty Knight or as an audacious Princess, explore your inherited land and restore it to its former glory… your servants will be there to help…


Build a new life for yourself on the old North American frontier!


Barbarians is the newest adventure strategy game that everyone is talking about! Start your epic story in a tiny village, train your troops and plunder other lands to get treasures and resources! Fight against other players and watch out for…

Into the Madness

Game for the Globtopus Create contestHappy Halloween !

Shovel Thy Spirits

Your friends are slowly being forgotten from the real realm and their souls are scattered all over the place. Find them and help them cross over into the light!

De Avonturen Van Mike

The purpose of this game is that you collect all the stars and through the duuren o and to permanently bypass this game is not completely out of the will are still in bugg's report like this game FF much…

Little Dino Adventure

Adventure game of a little dinosaur!