JumpLin Game

How to play

Q Move leftD Move rightZ or Space bar Jump / Double JumpYou can also use arrow keys if you want.Mouse Left Click on tiles : Delete wall, but add 10 to Time ScoreArrow Button : Restart the level with new grid and new colours. Keep High Scores.Dice Button : Random tiles position. Add 5 to Time Score. Don't reset level/gameTiles Button : Set new random colours. Doesn't affect scores. Only visual trick.

JumpLin Game

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Game Description

You can Jump, shuffle tiles, or change colours. And you can move only on tiles which have the same colour as the one the ball appeared on. The other tiles are walls.Your goal : finish the level by reaching the red line on the right, with the lowest Jump,Time and Shuffle scores.It's just an upgraded gamedev exercice I made (random tiles generation), and that I want to share with friends.Made in 2 days.Musics : Scott Joplin – Heliotrope BouquetScott Joplin – Gladiolus RagScott Joplin – Original Rags