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hidden objects

King’s Guard

Our guard commander is missing. Was he abducted? Is this a plot against the King himself? Investigate this and report back quickly!

A Thief For Hire

You are a pretty good thief! So, would you like a job? Here is a list and there is the house, hurry!

Capitan’s House

Someone tipped off the mob about the evidence that I hid in my house. See if they found what they were looking for!

Secret Formula

A legend has it that an old librarian discovered the secret formula for eternal life. But only the worthy of this secret could ever find it!

Murder in Chinatown

One of our men was found dead in a motel. Get over there before the cops do and find the clues.

Assistant Needed

Some famous hip hop artist is hiring an assistant. And whoever finds his lost things in that mess gets the job!

A Spell Gone Wrong

While learning a new spell, you messed up and shrunk some of your teacher’s things. Fix it before he comes back!

Robbing the Temple

Our friends from the thieves guild finally found the place where the king keeps all his treasure. Tonight we will sneak in and rob them!

Wrong Address

I got box full of your stuff by mistake. So, I have your things, but they are all over the house, come over and find them.

Fortune Teller

A fortune teller was found dead in her home. Your job is to investigate this!